The Block Family

Zach Block and his brother tried to fight off flames in the backyard of Block's Santa Rosa home, but their hoses were no match for the flames.

Block awoke at 1 a.m. and smelled the fire. He woke his wife and also his brother, and they went to figure out how close the flames were to the house.

"As we were looking in the back, the backyard, we started to notice that the air started to become a little bit more dense in smoke, and then there's a lot of light from the fire shining on the other side of the freeway," Block said.

"And then within 10 minutes, you know, my brother and I were out in the backyard with the hoses and trying to fight off as much as we could."

As the fire continued its rapid approach toward the house, Block realized they had to evacuate. As it turns out, they only had five minutes to escape.

After leaving with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, Block and his family watched as the flames engulfed their home. It's one of around 2,000 structures that have been destroyed by the wildfires so far.

"You know, we're kinda figuring it out as we come across the things that we need to worry about," Block said. "The support has been unreal, and we're just kinda taking it one step at a time."