The Curzons

In Santa Rosa's Coffey Park neighborhood, Margaret Curzon's mother, Karen, woke up to the smell of smoke. But she thought it was the neighbor's chimney or a nearby barbecue, her daughter said. So she went back to sleep.

Curzon's parents only woke up for good after their bichon frise, Brady, started whimpering. Curzon's father Ed looked outside thought there may have been a bombing.

"It looked like we were at war," Curzon said. "The sky was orange, and there were embers falling from the sky."

Curzon said her parents had five to 10 minutes to grab their two dogs and anything else they could gather before jumping in their car.

She said it took about half an hour for her mom and dad get out of their neighborhood because cars were bumper to bumper.

"He could feel the car getting hotter and hotter because the fire kept creeping up and getting closer to them," she said.

When the family returned, the only item remaining was a concrete statue of the Virgin Mary.

"If it wasn't for my dog whimpering and waking my parents up, my God," Curzon said. "I don't know what would have happened."

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